UX: Tuneup Option


Before asking a customer to travel through your website, ensure the path is clearly marked to help your customer reach her destination as easily possible

Factors to consider when considering a UX audit for your website:

  • Does your website support your business objectives and successfully measure its ROI?

  • Is your website focused on the needs of your unique customers?

  • Does your website allow users to easily find and do what they need while also increasing conversions and sales?

  • Who is visiting your website, what pages are they visiting, and how much time are they staying?

  • Is your website’s performance to meet users’ expectations and keep them on your site?

  • Does your website’s user interface (UI) allow your customers to easily navigate your site, find the information they need, and successfully complete calls to action (CATs)?

Benefits of UX Audit

  • More conversions, leads, and sales

  • Better user engagement

  • Less user flow abandonment

  • Fewer support calls requiring more resources

  • Improved perception of your organization and brand

Our UX Tuneup includes analysis and recommendations for the following:

  • Business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success (more conversions, sales, etc.)

  • Analytics of site traffic and trends over time

  • Support logs to identify what your customers are seeking to do on your site but failing to do so

  • Documentation of three main user types and their user flows

  • Evaluation of user interface (UI) with recommendations for improvement