Statamic Essentials

$225.00 / monthly

An essential Statamic maintenance plan for site owners looking for secure, peace of mind.

This essential maintenance plan for Statamic ensures your website remains readily accessible, always secure, and routinely up-to-date.

  • Account health check-in (annual)

  • NEW -- Website change management policy

  • NEW -- Statamic CMS security audit

  • Email support with 3 business day response

  • NEW -- Support ticketing (up to 30 minutes/month)

  • Compliance with ADA, AODA, EAA, WCAG & more

  • AI-Powered screen reader & keyboard navigation

  • Accessibility widget for UI and design remediation

  • AI-Powered daily compliance monitoring and scans

  • Accessibility statement & certification of performance

  • Monthly AI-Powered accessibility compliance audits

  • Litigation Support Package

  • Comprehensive Website Care Report monitoring uptime, SSL certificates, & broken links

  • Routine CMS, add-on security patches

  • NEW -- Developer-tested CMS & add-on updates (semi-annually, dot versions only)

  • Unlimited page versioning and page restore

  • 25GB SSD storage / 250GB bandwidth

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee

  • NEW -- uptime monitoring and alerts

  • NEW -- email delivery optimization (5,000 credits/month)

  • Secure socket layer (SSL) and annual domain renewal ($300/year value)

  • Manage all plugin licenses with flat 30% markup

  • CMS/plugin compatibility issue troubleshooting (+$500/request)

  • Additional authorized support user ($50/user/month)

  • Onboard authorized support/new hire (+$950/per)

  • Website staging instance (+$250/month)

  • "Instant" site restore from a daily snapshot (+$250/per)

  • "Archives" site restore from daily cold storage (+$500/per)

  • Website performance review with actionable insights (+$2,000/per)

  • Annual billing 2 months free; semi-annual billing 1 month free

  • 50% off the materials mark-up rate when a payment method kept on file