Statamic Priority Care


Pair essential Statamic maintenance with responsive, priority support.

This plan is for Statamic websites seeking prioritized support and minor enhancements.

Built-in Strategist

We provide a strategic review of your digital investment with actionable insights:

  • Account health check-in -- annually

  • Website analytics audit -- annually

  • Statamic security audit -- annually

On-Demand Requests

We provide you with consulting, minor enhancements, and basic content modifications:

  • Includes up to 1 hour every month

  • Hours may roll over up to the next month

Technical Support

We provide you access to responsive, knowledgable support:

  • Generate troubleshooting tickets -- up to 15 minutes of resolution/ticket

  • Response by the next business day

  • Technical support for Google Analytics and MailChimp

  • Submit tickets from a "Report a Bug" link on your own website

  • Optimize PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs with a built-in image optimization tool

Statamic Maintenance

We serve as your sole Statamic admin, ensuring stability and security:

  • Automatic patch updates for CMS -- dot versions only

  • Automatic patch updates for add-ons -- dot versions only

  • Website Care Report monitoring uptime, SSL certificates, & broken links

  • XML sitemap indexation with Google Search Console

  • Login to Control Panel quickly with magic links

  • Access & view Google Analytics directly from your control panel

Statamic Hosting

We provide specialized Statamic hosting service:

  • 25GB SSD storage / 250GB bandwidth

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee

  • Unlimited page versioning and page restore

  • "Instant" site restore from a daily snapshot (additional $250/per)

  • "Archives" site restore from daily cold storage (additional $500/per)

Included Add-ons

  • Access to over $250 in FREE hosting add-ons, including a secure socket layer (SSL) and annual domain renewal.

  • Receive a flat 30% markup on any materials or plugin licenses**

  • Receive a 15% discount when you pre-pay service for 12 months

**Customers that keep a credit card on file automatically receive 50% off the materials mark-up rate.