Make Your Seasonal Landing Page Stand Out

  December 4th, 2019

With anything holiday-related, it’s easy to get caught up in the festive atmosphere and go over-the-top with decorating, gifting, and baking seasonal treats. And while there’s nothing wrong with going all out to celebrate the holidays, doing the same on your seasonal landing page may well muddy your message and leave your customers confused.

You need a plan for your seasonal landing pages, just as you do for any marketing effort. Your plan for seasonal landing pages should start with the best practices you’re already using the remainder of the year. Some of those best practices include:

  • Keep the call to action above the fold
  • If scrolling is necessary on the page, use directional indicators
  • Remove navigation, such as breadcrumbs and links that would take visitors away from the page without taking the desired action.
  • Use social proof or client testimonies
  • Design for mobile
  • Keep graphics and videos simple for faster load times
  • Use clear, compelling copy that tells a story

Now that the basics are established, let’s get specific for punching up holiday landing pages.

Be Specific About the Holiday Being Promoted

Though this seems like common sense, being explicit about what your customers can expect on specific holidays boosts the likelihood of customers returning to your site to make a purchase of that offer.

Design the Seasonal Landing Page for the Holiday

Think about the elements on your seasonal landing page that will remain stagnant. Then use seasonal imagery and colors around those elemenets to make your landing pages standout. However, be mindful not to crowd the design and frustrate customers—you want to tastefully implement the “look” of the season into your branded page.

Highlight Time-Sensitivity and a Sense of Urgency

Make sure you are clear about deadlines and provide clear, compelling information to drive sales within the posted timeframe. A countdown calculator generates a sense of urgency, and shows people how much time they have left to make a decision.

Post and Repost the Specifics of the Special Offer

If posting a percentage discount, state the discount clearly and often. For special offers, such as gift with purchase, include a photo of the free item, as well as the dollar value of the free item. Sharing the retail cost of the free item elevates the value of the offer in the eyes of the customer.

Enable Social Sharing and Message Personalization

When customers have the ability to share the product on your landing page with friends on their social media channels or send direct emails, you’re enabling your customers to promote for you. Give your customers options to use provided copy that you’ve crafted, or write their own message for email messages and social media posts.

Our SHERPA team members are ready to create a landing page that will suit your ecommerce needs this season. Contact us to get started!