SHERPA Creating a Strong Foundation with Georgia Heart

  November 25th, 2019

A study by America’s Health Rankings—a composite index of over 60 metrics that give an annual snapshot of health of a population in each state relative to the other states—reveals the state of Georgia fell to 40th in the nation overall, and 43rd in the nation for women. As a Georgia-based company, we find this ranking disturbing. That’s why SHERPA is guiding the way by contributing $33,000 to Putnam General Hospital through the Georgia HEART Rural Tax credit program.

It is through the Georgia Heart Hospital Program that rural and critical access hospitals receive necessary funds to facilitate life-sustaining results in rural community hospitals.

According to Putnam General’s Health Needs Assessment, there is a high risk of heart disease and stroke in Putnam County as demonstrated by the prevalence of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. The Hospital offers free lab screening and health education in an attempt to have early identification of heart disease and stroke risk. There is a need to upgrade and replace equipment in the hospital’s imaging department and cardiopulmonary department to further diagnose and treat those patients identified at risk.

“While I heard that Georgia’s rural hospitals were facing a financial crisis, it wasn't until some of my family and friends sought care in Eatonton that the need became clear,” said David Felfoldi, founder and CEO of SHERPA Global. “Our donation will not only improve access to care and equipment for tens of thousands in Putnam County, but a full 25 percent of our donation will be used to offset the costs of providing uncompensated care to the residents of the community. Now that's a strong foundation!”

Every year, SHERPA gives up to five percent of profits to local non-profits in metro-Atlanta as part of its annual Strong Foundation initiative. This year, we expanded our reach to positively impact communities throughout the state of Georgia. We selected one of the 58 rural Georgia hospitals participating in the Georgia HEART Hospital Program. SHERPA's support joins a combined $60m by other individuals and businesses to ensure rural Georgians receive access to adequate health care.

Click here to learn more about participating in the Georgia Heart Hospital Program.

Just as SHERPA took the lead among digital agencies contributing to Georgia Heart, we’d like to lead your digital marketing to having more impact for you and your customers. Contact a SHERPA today, and let’s get started making an impact!