Form Optimization Audit


All your hard work of earning web traffic and carefully composing persuasive content is a wasted effort if your online forms fail to deliver leads into your funnel.  

If your online forms are not meeting or exceeding your business objectives, an audit of your online forms can reveal cost-effective ways to attract and convert more qualified leads into your sales funnel.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the length of the form

  • Assessment of visual grouping of labels and fields

  • Analyze logical sequencing of form

  • Confirm fields are matched to the appropriate input type and size

  • Appraise fields for the most effective column layout

  • Distinguish optional and required fields from each other

  • Verify any input or formatting requirements are explained

  • Gauge whether destructive actions are necessary and optimized for best practices

  • Establish whether error messages are provided and highly visible

  • Ensure mobile forms use the correct mobile form markup

  • Consider whether visual question types can increase engagement

  • Optimize cognitive load by revising question types

  • Engage users with personalized form flow with conditional logic

  • Rate incentive and motivation for completing the form


A SHERPA Forms Optimization Audit analyzes up to four of your online forms and delivers a detailed report with recommendations on how to improve the completion of your online forms, thus converting more prospects into leads.