Homepage Assessment & Roadmap


Redesigning a homepage without assessing what’s not working is just redecorating your website.  A homepage assessment and roadmap from SHERPA provides clear visual and written messaging that leads your customer down the sales funnel to your business objective.

You know your homepage needs an overhaul, but you’re unsure how to gain buy-in from internal stakeholders.  A cost-effective assessment of your homepage by SHERPA delivers a detailed roadmap of what to do and why, so you can gain buy-in from your stakeholders.

  • Assess what’s not currently working and why

  • Clarify visual and written messaging

  • Ensure your homepage supports business objectives

  • Improve flow from user engagement down the funnel to conversion with clear calls to action (CTA)

  • Suggest revisions to the user interface based on best practices

  • Document recommendations for improved performance

  • Provide a visual layout for a more engaging homepage


A SHERPA homepage assessment and roadmap document recommendations for revising your homepage so you can engage more customers to meet your business objectives. Our assessment and roadmap are accompanied by a suggested visual layout that you can share with internal stakeholders to win their support.