Mailchimp Audit


Many business owners fail to understand the best practices for effective Mailchimp marketing; however, a few simple optimizations can increase audience engagement, improve brand consistency, and lower costs.

If your Mailchimp campaigns don’t deliver the results you expect, and you wonder how you might improve your results while reducing your costs, a Mailchimp audit reveals modifications that will do both, along with recommendations of other Mailchimp tools that can help meet your business objectives.

  • Check contacts, audiences, tags, groups, and segments

  • Review of up to three email campaigns

  • Assessment of automations

  • Evaluation of brand presentation via Mailchimp for brand consistency

  • Suggestions for how to optimize email campaigns for improved opens and click rate

  • Reduced costs of monthly Mailchimp plan

  • Recommendations for additional Mailchimp tools that can assist in meeting business objectives.


A SHERPA Mailchimp audit will deliver an assessment of how to optimize your account to increase audience engagement, improve brand consistency, reduce costs, and recommendations for other Mailchimp tools to help reach your business goals.