Online Survey


Have a hypothesis about your users? Let us test it before making assumptions with an online survey of up to 20 questions for up to 15 participants for a period of up to 30 days!

If you have a hunch as to why your website is not producing the conversions you want but don’t know how to verify your hypothesis, an online survey is an effective tool to confirm the facts and uncover additional context to remedy the situation.

  • Establish a clear hypothesis for the survey

  • Increase survey engagement with easy and simple questions without unneeded complexity or jargon

  • Ensure quality of data by avoiding biased or leading questions

  • Tailor surveys to the right length and structure to increase the number of high-quality completed surveys

  • Automate survey delivery to participants

  • Handoff incentives for survey participants to SHERPA

  • Deliver quantitative and qualitative data about your users

  • Provides context as to why users are not converting

  • Receive a list of best practices and recommendations to increase conversions


A SHERPA online survey will be added to your website for up to 15 participants, who will receive $25 gift cards as incentives by answering up to 20 questions for a period of up to 30 days.

After the survey has closed, SHERPA delivers a summary report that includes both quantitative and qualitative data about your users, additional context to understand why they are not presently covered, and recommendations on how to improve user engagement.