UX/UI Audit


Before asking a customer to travel through your website, ensure the path is clearly marked to help your customer reach her destination as easily possible.


Your website does not convert as expected, and you receive a lot of support calls for information and processes users should be able to easily find and complete on your site.

  • Ensures your website supports your business objectives and successfully measures its ROI

  • Assures your site is focused on the needs of your unique customers

  • Allows your users to easily find and do what they need while also increasing conversions and sales

  • Documents who visits your site, what pages they visit, and how long they stay

  • Evaluates whether your site's performance meets users' expectations and keeps them on your site

  • Rates your user interface (UI) on allowing users to easily navigate your site, find information, and successfully complete calls to action (CTAs)

  • Decreases user flow abandonment

  • Reduces support calls requiring more resources

  • Improves perception of your organization and brand


A SHERPA UX/UI Audit documents business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success (more conversions, sales, etc.), analytics of site traffic and trends over time, support logs to identify what your customers are seeking to do on your site but failing to do so, documentation of three main user types and their user flows, and an evaluation of user interface (UI) with recommendations for improvement