User Interface Audit


Many user experience (UX) issues with your website can often be identified with the key screens of your user interface (UI) and quickly improved with a few minor revisions.

If your customers are abandoning your website before completing wanted outcomes, it’s most likely due to issues in the user journey and interface.  A UX/UI audit can identify minor changes that can be made to improve the user experience and interface and achieve desired results from your customers.

  • Evaluation of your key screens based on Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design

  • Discern hidden business objectives

  • Identify unique users and their expectations and needs

  • Discover hiccups in the user journey that can result in abandoning desired outcomes

  • Document issues with the visual design

  • Assess accessibility concerns

  • Rate message clarity

  • Gauge the effectiveness of the responsive design


A SHERPA User Interface Audit delivers a detailed report of up to 10 key screens of your website or app with screenshots and detailed recommendations for how to quickly improve the user experience and interface.