Web Analytics Performance Deep-Dive


We empower you to make better business decisions informed with a deep-dive analysis of your website analytics.

This product is for website owners that want to make sense of all their website data, understand how it impacts their business, and receive an actionable insights to improve.

We will help you answer the following questions by peering into your website analytics and revealing what the data really means:

  • Where are your visitors coming from?

  • Where are people clicking on your homepage?

  • How important is mobile web traffic?

  • What technologies do you need to support for your users?

  • What pages are most popular?

  • Which pages are most effective (and ineffective)?

You'll get far more than just a report with a bunch of charts and numbers. We guide you through your data, ensuring you understand how it all impacts your business:

  • Connection to Google Analytics

  • Connection to Google Search Console

  • Year-over-year performance comparisons

  • 45-minute presentation (virtual)

  • Actionable insights based on your data