For over 100 years, the hearse manufacturer Federal Coach has been synonymous with safety, service, and value. Founded later in 1982, Eagle Coach Company established itself as a designer and manufacturer of coaches and limousines with elegant sophistication. Both businesses have helped the funeral industry serve its clients and families with dignity and compassion as well as quality.

Combined together as FederalEagle, both companies now share a legacy of exceptional customer service and world-class quality.


Speciality Vehicle Group needed to merge the distinctly separate digital properties of its Federal Coach and Eagle Coach Company brands into one cohesive website. The site needed to preserve each business's individual features, benefits, and essence while streamlining their separate processes for finding dealers, generating leads, registering vehicles, and requesting warranties.

To add to the challenge, the soon-to-be FederalEagle needed to launch the new site before the rapidly approaching NFDA International Convention & Expo.

"FederalEagle provided SHERPA the unique challenge of combining two industry-leader brands into a single online experience, all the while ensuring each brand maintained its own value proposition and brand voice."

- David Felfoldi, Chief Experience Officer


SHERPA surveyed funeral directors to understand the unique demands and commonalities of Federal Coach and Eagle Coach Company customers. They also audited both websites' web analytics to reveal the user technology profiles and most desired content.

Based on this data, the SHERPA UX team generated an information architecture that combined the content of the two websites together seamlessly. SHERPA also worked with stakeholders to create a unified brand style guide to reflect both the Federal Coach and Eagle Coach Company essences into a unified visual design for the soon-to-be-announced FederalEagle.

Finally, SHERPA proposed opportunities to simplify the website visitor's customer journeys -- their interactions for finding dealers, generating leads, registering products, and requesting warranties -- for both mobile and desktop web browsers. Collaborating closely with FederalEagle, SHERPA flexed its copywriting and UX writing muscle to compose just enough plain-language content to nudge prospects along their journey from homepage to conversion.

All the while, SHERPA kept an eye on the clock to ensure its lean strategy launched the site by its rapidly approaching, mission-critical deadline.

"SHERPA worked with FederalEagle to not only meet our stated mission-critical deadline, but also help us avoid obstacles along the way, and ensure the final website deliverable meets our long-term needs."

- Courtney Wagers, Marketing Manager at FederalEagle


Since launching on October 18, 2021, FederalEagleCoach.com has served not only to present the reliability and value of Federal Coach along with the sophisticated elegance of Eagle Coach Company but also increased lead-capture by a whopping 2,667%!

SHERPA proved how user research combined with UX best practices and a considered content strategy create customer journeys that convert and meet or surpass success metrics.

"Lean planning and execution, UX content best practices, and futureproofing are SHERPA's super strengths that allow it to help its clients succeed!"

- Jef Blocker, UX Analyst