With more than 30 million tankless water heaters installed worldwide, Rinnai is the globally recognized brand name for efficient gas appliances. Their passion for constant improvement drives them to create innovative water heating and home heating gas appliances. Rinnai America -- headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia -- is the #1 selling commercial and home tankless water heater manufacturer in North America.


Rinnai had discovered what happens when you pick the wrong partner to lead a digital initiative. Their prior firm excelled at Drupal, but this Drupal-only specialization cost Rinnai nearly a year of expensive development, required $175,000 to compensate for lost organic search engine traffic, and lost $5 million in potential revenue from a drastic reduction in lead capture.


Rinnai knew who to call for help -- a prior VP of Marketing had tapped SHERPA several years earlier, resulting in us driving a 700% online lead capture rate increase, 86% cost per lead reduction, and 21% unit sales increase. Once again, we came to Rinnai's rescue with a holistic SEO/PPC Recovery Plan. The first half focused on quick wins to stem Rinnai's losses, while the second half focused on lead capture conversation rate optimization.


We expertly guided Rinnai's search engine marketing back to peak-performance:

  • Rinnai received $250,000 in additional organic search traffic valuation within the first year. At the end of the second year, organic search engine traffic hit a record 89% increase.

  • Rinnai experienced a record lead conversion rate, driving an additional $10 million in potential annual revenue.

  • We cut Rinnai's Drupal ecosystem maintenance costs in half, freeing up resources to re-invest in future digital initiatives.

Rinnai's VP of Marketing praised SHERPA for expertly guiding Rinnai's recovery in the search engines, rewarded them as their web agency of record. Their only regret -- not calling upon SHERPA earlier to help them navigate digital.